ELLISEE is a diversified rigging company that provides a full range of rigging services for tours, exposition, corporate, media and special events. With experience in the industry since 1994, ELLISEE has established a rock solid reputation of professionalism, workmanship, safety and cost-effectiveness. ELLISEEĀ  tailors the best solution for each service, using a combination of methods to ensure the job is done with maximum efficiency.
We supervise hands on, which ensures our clients always receive the best possible service. We tried to provide the highest quality rigging services so we had set many of the standards used in the market today. Our employee are qualified, experienced, hard-working, also highly trained in safety procedures. Our equipment is in excellent condition, readily available and priced competitively. We offer this equipment for hire, installed to your requirements or on a dry-hire basis.
We are also available to be employed individually as Rigging Coordinators or Advisors for specific projects. We can also supply Riggers on an daily/weekly rate basis or refer them to agencies or productions to employ direct.

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