Rigging servicies and qualified personnel

Ellisee group maintains a full time staff of Climbing Riggers with a very good experience.

All of our riggers are highly trained with a proven track record in a wide spectrum of venues across the country and around the world.

We are working for : Stunts, art department, lighting department, vfx/sfx, constructions, scaffoldings, advertising, camera and grips and much more


Aluminum truss:

  • box truss  40 x 40 cm available in several sizes, 3m; 2,5m; 2m; 1m; 0,5m

  • box truss  30 x 30 cm available in several sizes, 3m; ; 2m; 1m; 0,5m

  • multicubes 40 x 40cm

  • corners for box truss 30 x 30 cm

  • complete towers with steel base and sleeve blocks

  • triangle truss 30 x 30 cm

Chain hoists

chain master 1T


  • Chain tackles

1T chain tackles whit 12m long lifting chain

Rigging Accessories and stunts gear

We’ve got a large quantity of steels, shackles and span sets on different sizes to hang your trusses and motors and a considerable stock of pulleys (PETZL, RONSTAN, custom made) carabineers, riggers plates, swivels ascenders , descenders, gold tails, full body harnesses (climbing sutra).
for a complete list of equipment send us an e-mail